Pest Control Beta is our current project, which is now haulted because we do not have all the infromation we need. We also have some exams coming up, so we will take a break and work on those.

With the recent G4HQ purchase, our group of 10 has now dropped to a group of 5. This means less productivity but yet we are still the most experienced out of the orginal.


Loved our alpha testing? Well share your results at G4HQ (Click on forums) and show us your stats!

List of all projects

- Pest Control 1.03
- Iron Ore 1.0

Knight Online
- Fast Killer

Maple Story
Well TurnKey took his Maple Story group and left.

Welcome to BBP

BBP or Big Birds Page is a small and inovative company that strives to improve gaming in a new way. The company was found by G3n3 or Jerry Garcia. Now the company is ran by h0ly of G4HQ. The members are as follows

Leader - h0ly
Co-Leader - G3n3
Coder - Gross
Coder - Mission
Coder - Sig

*Pie Me Down has left as of May 12th 2008
*TurnKey Team quit (from the merge)
Members of BBP: TurnKey
- TurnKey
- Bruce
- MapleStoryFan
- MapleHaxor

Recent Purchase

H0ly of G4HQ has took over my company, as of May 16, 2008. He will now be looking over BBP. Our production of game cheats will continue, and nothing will change in our software.

Yet the only change is that BBP Forums has been sold seperatly and now will be replaced by G4HQ